Author Guidelines


Authorship Criteria

Individuals who contributed for the conception & design of the study and also who involved in the acquisition, analysis & interpretation of the data along with the individuals who involved in revising the intellectual content of the manuscript will come under the authorship criteria of the manuscript. A maximum of 6 authors are allowed for a manuscript and all the co-authors should approve the final version of the manuscript in terms of accuracy and integrity.

Instructions for the submission of Manuscript

Articles can be accepted from all parts of the world and will be accepted only in the English language. Manuscripts submitted to JCPR should contain Original work of the authors and should not be previously published or under consideration for publication in some other journal.

Articles should be typed on A4 size page in Times New Roman font with 12 point font size and must be provided with single spacing along with 1 inch margin on all sides of the page. Page numbers should be numbered consecutively on the right side corner bottom of the page. In case of units of measurement, use international system of units (SI) symbols and recognized abbreviations. Articles should be submitted only in MS-word format and the file size of the manuscript should not exceed 10 MB. Please submit the manuscripts via the journal website online submission system and if the authors face any technical issues in submission through our online submission please send your manuscript to the e-mail:

Instructions for the preparation of Manuscript

Authors should prepare the article into two files (i.e., Title Page and Article File). Title page should contain the type of the manuscript, title of the manuscript, authors names, affiliations and details of the corresponding author whereas the article file should contain abstract, introduction, materials & methods, statistical analysis, results, discussion, conclusion, abbreviations, acknowledgements, funding, conflict of interest and references. The authors’ information must be restricted only to the title page and must be followed strictly for better implementation of the double blind peer review process.

  1. Title Page

The type of the manuscript (Research Article/Review Article/Short Communication/Case Report) must be mentioned in the title page and it should contain a specific, clear and concise title of the manuscript along with the name(s) and affiliation(s) of the author(s) involved. Complete details of the corresponding author must be provided along with postal address, e-mail address and mobile number. Corresponding author must be marked with an Asterisk (*).

  1. Article File


The abstract must clearly elicit the information regarding the scope and significance of the manuscript. In case of Research Articles, the abstract should be in a structured format that includes Aim, Methods, Results and Conclusion. In case of the other manuscript types like Review articles, Case Reports and Short Communications the abstracts can be unstructured. Abstract should be started on a separate page and should be framed within a word count range of 250-300 words. Provide 3-5 relevant key words at the end of the abstract for indexing purposes.


It must be included with a clear background of the concept and must describe about the significance of the concept considered for the preparation of the manuscript and must be started on a new page separately.

Materials and Methods

This section should be included with the materials and methods which were adopted for performing the study. The original names of the instruments and the reagents used along with the manufacturer name must be specified. A statement on the ethics committee approval and ethical standards maintained in the whole study process must be mentioned in the materials and methods section with proper description. In case of both animal and human studies, ethical practices are mandatory throughout the study process and approval letter by the ethics committee must be provided by the authors. The ethical standards should be maintained in accordance with the CPCSEA and ICMR guidelines for animal and human studies respectively.

Statistical Analysis

The details of the statistical tests performed for the study should be mentioned along with the name of the software and its version that was used for performing the statistical analysis. 


It should include the findings and observations of the research work. Tables and figures can be used for the presentation of the findings observed in the study. Data which was presented in a table format should not be repeated in a figure format or vice versa.


The major interpretations of the results should be discussed and can compare or correlate with the other studies. Don’t repeat the results and unnecessary contexts which do not have a close relationship with the actual concept of the manuscript.


The concluding points of the study should be clear and justified.


Provide the acronyms in the first instance in the abstract and also as well as in the text.


Acknowledgements can be provided in brief if required. It should contain the names of the individuals and the organizations that aided in carrying out the research work.


The source of financial support taken should be mentioned in this section.

Conflict of Interest

Authors should declare the conflict of interest if present and must be provided in the manuscript before the references.


References should be numbered consecutively in an order in which they are first mentioned in the text (not in alphabetical order). Identify the references in text, tables and legends by Arabic numerals using round brackets like (1). Vancouver style must followed as the reference style and the examples are as follows.

Journal article

Al-Habian A, Harikumar PE, Stocker CJ, Langlands K, Selway JL. Histochemical and immunohistochemical evaluation of mouse skin histology: comparison of fixation with neutral buffered formalin and alcoholic formalin. J Histotechnol. 2014 Dec; 37(4):115-24.

Electronic journal article

Poling J, Kelly L, Chan C, Fisman D, Ulanova M. Hospital admission for community-acquired pneumonia in a First Nations population. Can J Rural Med [Internet]. 2014 Fall [cited 2015 Apr 27]; 19(4):135-41. Available from: by selecting PDF link in table of contents.

Book, personal author(s)

Buckingham L. Molecular diagnostics: fundamentals, methods and clinical applications. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: F.A. Davis; c2012.

Book, editor(s)

Kumar V, Abbas AK, Aster JC, editors. Robbins Basic Pathology. 16th ed. Philadelphia: Elsevier Saunders; c2013.

Book, editor(s), specific chapter with individual author(s)

Altobelli N. Airway management. In: Kacmarek R, Stoller JK, Heuer AJ, editors. Egan’s fundamentals of respiratory care. 10th ed. St. Louis: Saunders Mosby; c2013. p. 732-86.

Poster presentation/session presented at a meeting or conference

Chasman J, Kaplan RF. The effects of occupation on preserved cognitive functioning in dementia. Poster session presented at: Excellence in clinical practice. 4th Annual Conference of the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology; 2006 Jun 15-17; Philadelphia, PA.


The title of the table should be provided above the table and must be brief and informative that should indicate the nature of the content represented in the tables. Use Arabic numerals to cite the tables consecutively in the text. In order to facilitate the clearcut interpretations, proper details should be included in the foot note. Please embed the tables within the body text at the appropriate place and do not submit them separately.


Figures must be cited consecutively by using Arabic numerals in the text. They can be graphs or flow charts or diagrams or photographs which should be clear and easily legible. Provide black ink drawings of professional quality for line work. High quality glossy photographs are more preferable. Provide the scale markers in the photographs if required. Please embed the figures within the body text at the appropriate place and do not submit them separately.

Copy Right Transfer

Please download the Copy Right Transfer form and submit the scanned copy along with the manuscript by filling the complete details.

Open Access Policy

JCPR is an open-access journal which makes the content available for free of cost to all the readers from various parts of the world.

Publication Charge

The publication charge for a manuscript is 34 US$ for the foreign authors and Rs.1600 for the Indian authors which should be paid upon the acceptance of the manuscript.